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All-Ceramic Tooth Restorations for Midland, TX

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When it comes to rebuilding damaged or lost teeth, both health and cosmetic value are very important for most patients. Everyone needs a strong and functional smile. A noticeably gold or silver colored spot or band can detract from an otherwise naturally beautiful smile. Midland dentist, Dr. Robert Christensen takes the art of restoration very seriously. His attention to artistry, combined with superior talent and skill, allows him to create gorgeous results for patients in need of both restorative and cosmetic benefits. His use of quality all-ceramic materials makes this process even more successful. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment, or if you’d like to ask us any questions. 

All-Ceramic Dental Crowns

Crowns are designed to restore the function and appearance of a badly damaged tooth due to injury, discoloration or extensive decay. Our team typically recommends all-ceramic material for a truly seamless result. The aesthetic value is so precise that your new crown will reflect light similar to natural enamel, and patients enjoy more biocompatibility and durability as well. Better yet, there's no threat of a noticeable metal band or black line showing at the gumline forming over time. 

To place your all-ceramic crown, Dr. Christensen prepares a small portion of the natural tooth structure. This is done to make sure your new crown fits smoothly between adjacent teeth and is not too high, because a high crown may interfere with opposing teeth and make your bite uncomfortable. A temporary crown protects your prepared tooth while our dental lab manufactures your custom crown.

All-Ceramic Dental Bridges

If a patient isn't the right candidate for dental implants, Dr. Christensen typically recommends an all-ceramic bridge for a similarly sturdy and aesthetically pleasing result. As the name implies, a dental bridges spans the gap left by missing teeth between two of your natural teeth. This bridge is held in place by all ceramic crowns that are placed over these teeth. The entire prosthetic device - two crowns and the necessary number of false teeth—are cemented into place as one unit. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, your all-ceramic bridge can last for many years to come.

All-Ceramic Dental Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are typically recommended for our patients in need of partial tooth replacement that isn't severe enough to warrant a crown, but needs more than a tooth-colored filling. All-ceramic options actually restore more of your chewing strength than traditional materials, and patients enjoy the increased biocompatible nature and overall comfort as well.

Although both inlays and onlays are fabricated in a dental lab, there is a difference between the two. Usually used to restore one of your molars, an inlay is formed to fit within the cusps of your tooth—those bumps on the teeth that allow you to chew and grind food. On the other hand, an onlay covers those cusps and may extend over the edges of your tooth, as well.

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