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Benefits of Dental Implants in Midland

The Best Option in Tooth Replacement

Our goal is to help all of our patients enjoy healthy and complete smiles -- but we know that most adults will lose at least one tooth throughout their lifetime. Fortunately, when tooth loss occurs, dental implants provide a wonderful replacement option. Dr. Robert E. Christensen and our team can help you regain your complete, functioning smile with implant dentistry. Below, find the top seven benefits of dental implants in Midland… including enhanced stability, better oral and overall health, and much more.

#1: Enjoy a Youthful Appearance

Tooth loss can take away from your appearance, as missing teeth cause the bone to deteriorate, resulting in a sunken, deflated-looking jaw. But because they provide a whole-tooth solution, dental implants stimulate blood flow and bring important nutrients to the bone to preserve your youthful, attractive appearance.

#2: Better Stability

Not all hope is lost after you lose one or more pearly whites. Once they have healed, dental implants are as stable as your natural teeth -- so you will not have to worry about a denture slipping or sliding around at the most inconvenient of times.

#3: Eat a Balanced, Nutritious Diet

And, speaking of stability, dental implants stay in place while you eat all of the fresh, crunchy, and nutritious food items you love. People with ill-fitting dentures may have to make compromises based on what they can eat -- but with dental implants, you can continue to enjoy the food you need to feel great and thrive for life.

#4: Strengthen Oral and Overall Health

Dental implants replace the tooth’s missing root structure as well as its visible crown, which means once they are complete, it’s like you never lost teeth at all. Because having a complete smile is critical for your oral health and overall wellbeing, dental implants allow you to continue living healthily and happily.

#5: Preserve Remaining Natural Teeth

Patients who have lost one tooth are at a much greater risk of losing those that remain -- unless the missing piece is replaced by a dental implant.

#6: Easy to Maintain

Because they are replaced just like your natural teeth, dental implants are as easy to clean as you are used to. Simply brush, floss, visit your dentist as recommended, and enjoy a sparkling smile -- without all the hassle.

#7: Enjoy Them for a Lifetime!

We saved the best for last -- because perhaps the most significant benefit of dental implants is that, unlike other options in tooth replacement, they can stay stable and functioning properly for a lifetime with proper maintenance. That means you won’t have to periodically fork over hundreds of dollars for a replacement. Dental implants in Midland are a solution your smile AND your wallet will love over the long-term.

Learn More Today

Are you missing or on the brink of losing one or more teeth? Implant dentistry can provide a wonderful solution. To find out more, including whether or not you are a candidate for this tooth replacement option, we invite you to contact your dentist in Midland today!